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Hello, my name is Sharon Hall and I would like to share my dyslexia journey with you. As a former Royal Naval Training Officer and having gained a Master of Arts degree in Special Educational Needs with the University of East London, I decided to put my skills to good use and began supporting families and professionals over fourteen years ago by raising awareness and changing current perceptions on dyslexia.   

The creation of Dyslexia Routes was influenced by my journey with my own son, an incredibly determined young adult with dyslexia whose life-long love of trains and now a successful career in the railways has inspired the company name! Having supported my son through school, exams, driving test and now the workplace I felt it was time to share my knowledge and experiences with you.  

Sharon Hall presenting

I am a professional and acclaimed public speaker on all dyslexia matters and operate as a trainer for Dyslexia Scotland delivering Parent Masterclasses far and wide. I  offer a unique and fascinating insight into the incredible creativity, strengths and complexities of the dyslexic mind through live and online presentations and interactive workshops to suit parents, teachers, corporate companies and of course the children themselves. Having tutored for a number of years I also offer bespoke, individualised  support for 5-11 year olds, both face to face or online, with an emphasis on a multi-sensory and fun approach to raise confidence and self esteem. I can also offer dyslexia screening, a short non invasive computer based test as well as screening for Irlen Syndrome. 

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