Route 2: Professionals: Twilight Session for Teachers, Nursery Practitioners and Pupil Support Assistants

Dyslexia Routes understands how busy the school and nursery working day can be. This twilight session aims to start as soon as the last pupil has left the building and can be tailored to one hour or one and a half hours as necessary.

As well as offering an insight into the creativity and uniqueness of the dyslexic mind, advice on identification and tips on classroom and individualised support is presented, together with how to recognise, nurture and build self esteem.

If delivered in person a whole host of recommended books will be on display along with a demonstration of some useful resources. This twilight is often accompanied by Route 1 for your parents which can take place on the same day.

Duration: 1 Hour – 1 Hour 30 mins

Cost: Please enquire