What people have shared about Dyslexia Routes

After a workplace workshop

After parent / carer workshops:

” A fabulous insight to dyslexia…I am dyslexic and was blown away by the information given”

“Excellent awareness session on dyslexia, providing solutions and tools and info on where to find support resources for managing dyslexia in both personal life and the workplace. Expertly delivered, I would highly recommend this course to others.”

“This insight should be taught everywhere it is sooo needed. The course was presented in a way any person or organisation can digest and use….can’t recommend enough.”

“Very well facilitated- great course leader.”

“I attended Sharon’s workshop recently. It was extremely informative and helped me to understand how my son feels when faced with certain challenges day to day. The techniques and learning aids suggested have helped me greatly to feel more confident about working together with my son doing his homework. It has also given me ideas for doing day to day things around the house with him to build on his reading ability and sight words. Thank you Sharon, I look forward to anything else we can attend to build on this further.”

“Sharon is the most committed and empowering person I have ever met. She is incredibly knowledgeable about neuro-diverse children and is on a mission to share her knowledge with the world! She is approachable and professional and being the parent of a dyslexic child herself, she totally understands the worries and struggles parents have. Her enthusiasm and passion to empower others has given me the confidence to apply my knowledge to each new challenge faced.”

“Sharon was a fantastic speaker, and I so enjoyed hearing her own personal experiences as well as the wealth of information she provided. I thought the exercise we did, in recognition of overstimulating our working memory, was brilliant and gave me a first hand insight into what my daughter might be experiencing. I so appreciate Sharon as a speaker, as well as a mum, and it was so comforting to hear her positivity and support in outlook for our children’s futures.”

After a block of tutor sessions:

“My son now sees himself as a learner for the first time and this is invaluable.”

“My daughter now does her homework independently because she has found the confidence to do so.”

After a private screening:

“Sharon was a delight and really put my child at ease. She was very caring and knowledgeable throughout and there was no rush. Highly recommended.”

“As a family we have attended workshops and done a screening for our child. Sharon fully appreciates the dyslexia journey from the perspective of the person with dyslexia and their supporting family. It is not an easy journey to navigate and there are many questions but Sharon helps put you at ease, answers all your questions and helps you realise that dyslexia is your SUPERPOWER! We trust and will forever be grateful for her knowledge, kindness and support!’